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Food Delivery

Instead of loading up your family and driving everyone to a local restaurant, enjoy that same food in the comfort of your own home.

Food Delivery

Errand Running

We can run all kinds of custom errands in the Casper, WY area. Find out what Lickety-Split Delivery can do for you.

Errand Running

We'll Take Care of Your Delivery Lickety-Split

We offer errand running and local food delivery in Casper, WY

Today, your schedule is packed. Between working, picking up the kids and preparing the house for guests, you can't afford to waste time running around town. Instead of stressing over dinner and errands, turn to Lickety-Split Delivery, LLC. We offer local food delivery and errand running services in the Casper, WY area. Whether you need us to pick up your groceries or stop by your favorite restaurant for takeout, you can count on our speedy team to do the job right.

Contact Lickety-Split Delivery now to learn more about our local food delivery and errand running services. We charge our clients based on mileage.

What makes Lickety-Split Delivery so special?

Lickety-Split Delivery is dedicated to providing clients in the Casper, WY area with superior errand running and food delivery services.

You can trust our professional team to deliver your food or take care of your errands in a timely manner because:

  • We're fast: we know the Casper, WY area, and we know how to travel through the city with speed and efficiency
  • We're local: we've partnered with a variety of local businesses to make your errand running and delivery services go smoothly
  • We're flexible: we can fulfill all kinds of custom errand requests with ease